Hawaiian green sea turtle swimming: one of the common Maui wildlife species

Where to See Maui Wildlife on Vacation

The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet, home to plants and animals...

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View of deep sea fishing on Maui from a charter boat

Experience Deep Sea Fishing on Maui

With year-round warm weather and an abundance of trophy-size fish calling our waters home, there is nothing quite like...

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Couple holding hands at the beach at sunset: things to do in Maui for couples

6 Things to Do in Maui for Couples

The idyllic island of Maui offers the perfect backdrop for romance, complimented by awe-inspiring sunsets, world-famous beaches, and endless...

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Photo of whale breaching during a tour whale watching in Lahaina

Your Guide to Whale Watching near Lahaina

If you are planning a winter getaway to Maui, your trip coincides with one of the most magical times...

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Photo of a person stargazing on Maui at Haleakala National Park

Stargazing on Maui at Haleakala National Park

Throughout history, the night sky has always inspired wonder and awe. But, today, stargazing is not as simple as...

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