An awe-inspiring view of the ocean. Going to the beach is one of the most popular things to do in Lahaina.

Maui Vacations | 5 Things to Do in Lahaina

Whether you’ve never been to Maui or have visited numerous times, it never hurts to have a plan. As...

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A chopper lands before departing on another Maui helicopter tour.

Maui Helicopter Tours: Beautiful Secrets of the Magic Isle

From its legendary volcanic craters to world-famous beaches and sprawling valleys, Maui's topographic identity is a defining characteristic that...

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A stunning view of the Ho'okipa Beach Park in Maui.

Having Fun at Ho’okipa Beach Park During a Maui Vacation

Known as one of the most popular recreational hotspots in Maui, Ho'okipa Beach Park is an incredible place that...

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A stunning look at the sunset at Haleakala National Park.

Maui Vacation Adventures: Exploring Haleakala National Park

Arguably one of the most fantastic aspects of booking your vacation rentals with Epic Realty in Lahaina, Hawaii, is...

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