Painting of the beach an example of art that can be found at the Lahaina art galleries

Discover Local Hawaiian Art at Lahaina Art Galleries

The captivating natural beauty of Maui has long inspired creativity for artists. The backdrop of the West Maui Mountains...

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Photo of the Needle in Iao Valley on one of the West Maui hiking trails

Don’t Miss These Beautiful West Maui Hiking Trails

As much as we love lounging on beautiful Maui beaches, the incredible landscapes of the island beckon adventure at...

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Photo of a person holding a surf board on the beach ready for a day of Maui water sports

Maui Water Sports: Surfing, Kayaking, and Sailing

Maui is one of those magical places where the sun is seemingly always shining, and the beaches are never-ending....

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Photo of people in front of sunset during a Maui family vacation

Things to Do During a Maui Family Vacation

Maui is one of those unique places that you can visit over and over again and never do the...

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Photo of person underwater with turtle during some of the best snorkeling in maui

Looking Beneath the Ripples | Best Snorkeling in Maui

When you think of Maui, the first thing that comes to mind is the beach. This is because the...

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